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DynaSys International Registered ISO 9001:2000

On December 17, 2003, the employees of DynaSys International passed their final audit for registration as an ISO 9001:2000 company.  We at DynaSys International hope the commitment to quality, that ISO registration embodies, will help us to maintain the path to our quality goals in the new year.

Magnatech International Now Able to Represent Itself in Asia

DynaSys International employees in Asia have been able to build sales for Magnatech from no machines being sold three years ago to over three million in sales this year.  Sales were so good that Magnatech decided to end our contract, and employ our salesman directly.  We wish them well.

DynaSys International and Davis Standard sign the first Independent Service Provider agreement.

This landmark agreement with Davis Standard designates DynaSys International as an Independent Service Provider (ISP) that is qualified to work on Davis Standard systems.  DynaSys International is the first company to sign such an agreement with Davis Standard.  The territory assigned to DynaSys Is all of Asia.

Looking to Upgrade Davis Standard systems, replace an old HES-401 or HES-301 temperature controller, or just need your lines serviced, Call DynaSys International.  Our service rates are very competitive and our low overhead ensures your factory will get more bang for the buck in a system upgrade.

DynaSys Sells Used Wire Lines to Vietnam

DynaSys International has recently brokered some foam-skin telephone wire production lines to a new company in Vietnam.  The lines were located in the Phelps Dodge factory in El Salvador.  They were disassembled and moved to Vietnam with local people.  DynaSys also helped to manage the de-installation of the old machinery, the planning of the new factory layout and the commissioning of the lines in Vietnam.  The equipment was originally provided to Phelps Dodge by Varisystems and consists of Davis Standard, Nokia Mallieffer, Cortinovis and Pourtier machinery. 

Haley Controls Closes its Doors Forever

At the end of June, 2004, there was an auction of the remaining assets of Haley Controls.  While they were a competitor at times, we still hate to see them go.

The former Chief Engineer of Haley Controls is a DynaSys International engineer.  If you have a problem with a Haley system, he can probably help you.

Over the years, DynaSys has repaired, replaced or upgraded many Haley control systems that were sold as either Maillefer wire lines or Harris Printing Presses.  On a recent wire extrusion  upgrade, we replaced 10 Reliance drives and the temperature controls on two lines with touch screen controls and Allen Bradley drives.  It took only 10 days from start to finish.

DynaSys can provide service and updates to Hi-Tech Extrusion's lines.

Hi-Tech Extrusion was noted for the innovations they brought to the rubber industry.  These include


The first PLC on a rubber line


The first digital display and menu systems


The first use of continuous spiral reinforcement


Microwave ovens and high velocity hot air ovens on a continuous cure hose line. 

Many of the machines that have become commonplace on rubber door seal lines were first used on Hi-Tech produced lines.  Hi-Tech closed its doors during the past year.

The president of DynaSys International is the former chief engineer and VP of Hi-Tech extrusion.  He took an active role in the design of the innovative devices produced by Hi-Tech Extrusion.  If you have any of their machinery or control systems, he can help you with repairs, updates and new lines.

DynaSys to Provide Asian Service for Thermoplastics Engineering Corporation (TEC)

Thermoplastics Engineering Corporation of Leominster, Massachusetts will be using DynaSys International's Asian engineers to startup and repair their wire systems in Asia.  Mr. Erik Macs, TEC's VP of Sales and Marketing, chose DynaSys as their service partner for Asia in order to reduce their cost of servicing products in Asia, reduce their engineers' field time and to improve their service response time in Asia.

Did it work?  Judging from the positive response from their Chinese customers and the new orders for machinery, yes it did!

DynaSys Repairs Cabletrade Machines

The demise of Cabletrade of Canada has left several customers with machines that were not completely commissioned.  In most cases the accumulator section of the payoff or take-up accumulator was not functioning. 

The original concept was to run the accumulator in a speed mode, but this never worked very well.  DynaSys engineers were able to convert the accumulator to a tension mode drive system.  In this mode, the accumulator also becomes the dancer for the payoff or take-up. 

The change in modes requires a few simple changes in the wiring, about $300 in components and one and a half weeks of reprogramming.  In the two factories where this change was made, it was possible to change reels at full line speed for the first time.

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