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Printing Press Experience

Since Harris Graphics (Heidelberg) and MAN Roland were local companies, DynaSys International's engineers were designing, building and installing printing press control and drive systems for other companies before the beginning of DynaSys International.  

DynaSys International purchased the drawings for all of the old Harris Graphics presses and the Cutler Hammer replacement board business from HES Corp.  We are a supplier of new and replacement drives to major press companies as well as  the small press rebuilding companies in the local area.  We also supply systems to most of the large printing houses.

In addition to the Cutler Hammer replacement boards, we gather parts from the presses where we replaced the control system.  We may have that hard to find replacement part you need to get your press running again.  Give us a call.

Printing/Converting Lines

DynaSys supplies new control systems for the major press manufacturers and end users, as well as, replacement drive systems when presses are rebuild.  This is a list of some typical systems we have done.

Company Equipment  Supplied Equipment
Amgraph Packaging Rotomec Printing Press Controls Siemens drives and AB PLC
Amgraph Packaging Stevens Siemens drives, AB PLC and an EPIC Touch Screen HMI
Amgraph Packaging Dusenbury Slitter/Rewind (4) Replacement of Mechanical Belts with an SSD Eurotherm Drive
RR Donnelley Bindery Line Siemens Drive System
RR Donnelley Heidelberg Press Drives and Controls  Allen Bradley Drives and PLC System
Heidelberg/Harris Graphics Printing Press Drive Systems Various Drive Systems
Quebecor Printing Printing Press Drive Systems Amicon Drive and AB PLC
China Times, Taiwan Heidelberg Harris SSD Eurotherm Drive System

Replacement Press Control Systems

DynaSys International can replace your old worn out control system with new state of the art controls.  We have extensive experience with the replacement of drives and control systems in the entire product line of Harris/Heidelberg for both end users and press rebuilders.  In addition, we have replaced control systems and drives on Stevens and Goss presses.

Emergency Drive Replacement

DynaSys International is a field service company, first.  We understand your need to get your press back into operation ASAP to meet your customer's deadlines.  In many cases we can talk you through a repair over the phone or by rushing replacement parts to your site.  However, when all else fails we can find and repair problems in your press control system that your maintenance people or local electrical contractor could never find.

If you have an old drive system that is broken down and you can't get replacement parts or you are replacing an old drive with another old drive, you should be looking into an emergency new drive replacement.  We have often replaced old drives with new digital drives at a customer site in an emergency situation with no prior notice.  Not only do you get your press running again, but you are in a better situation with your new drive system than you were before the breakdown.

Emergency Control System Replacement Parts

DynaSys International manufactures new replacement boards for Responder drives.  We also have a collection of new and used parts for the control systems used in the older Harris presses.  If your drive contactor, control relay or cam switch is broken, we can get you a replacement part and send it on the next plane to your nearest airport.

Cam Switch Replacement

The original equipment cam switch and press speed control used on Harris presses causes a lot of breakdowns and drive instability due to the noisy speed control pots used.  We manufacture new cam switch assemblies and we offer a digital replacement for this switch.

The DynaSys replacement PLC based system can completely replace the mechanical cam switch system with a digital system.  This system eliminates speed reference noise due to a dirty potentiometer, timing motors and badly adjusted cam switches.

Additionally, The replacement PLC can be upgraded in the future to replace all of the relays in the old Harris control system.  This will bring a new level of reliability to your press control system through the elimination of mechanical components that frequently fail.

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